The wait Command


wait (<time expression> | for (<event> [from <source>]) [or ...] )


The wait command can either wait for an event to occur or for a fixed amount of time

In the form wait for <event> {or <event>} [from <source>] the hyperscript will pause until the element receives any of the specified events.

Events may destructure properties into local variables using the eventName(property1, property2, ...) form.

In the wait <time-expr> form, it waits the given amount of time, which can be in the following formats:

You can also mix timeouts and events, which can be useful to avoid waiting forever for an event:

-- Fail if the thing doesn't load after 1s.
wait for load or 1s
if the result is not an Event
  throw 'Took too long to load.'

-- Parens are required for dynamic timeouts.
wait for click or (config.clickTimeout) ms

This command is asynchronous. All commands that follow it will be delayed until the wait completes.


<div _="on click add .example then wait for transitionend">
  Add the class, then wait for the transition to complete

<div _="on click add .example then wait 2s then remove .example">
  Add and then remove a class

  _="wait for mousemove(clientX, clientY) or mouseup(clientX, clientY) from document"
  Mouse Dragging...